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Royal Jelly Softgel
Product details

Royal Jelly Softgel   

Description of Royal jelly:

Royal jelly is a nutritious jelly produced by worker bees. It is fed to larvae worker bees and drones for the first three days of their lives to stimulate growth. Larvae that are fed royal jelly for a prolonged period of time grow up to be queen bees. In fact, the queen eats exclusively royal jelly throughout her life.

Royal jelly is a food product. It contains calories due to its protein, carbohydrate, and fatty acid content.

Supplementing royal jelly is claimed to promote longevity. This claim is not fully supported. It does, however, protect the heart by lowering triglyceride and lipoprotein levels.

Supplementing royal jelly can enhance testicular testosterone production. Animal research suggests it is able to increase estrogen in post-menopausal animals. Royal jelly may also reduce the effects of estrogen in youth. These hormonal effects are unreliable and difficult to predict.



Health Benefits of Royal Jelly softgel:

1.Regulates Blood Pressure

Royal jelly have a direct effect on the blood pressure levels in humans. This protein hydrolysate can have a long-lasting impact on blood pressure. When this is combined with the potassium found in it, which also acts as a vasodilator to reduce stress on blood vessels and the heart, royal jelly begins to look like a great way to prevent heart conditions.

2.Balances Cholesterol Levels

Although most people associate sweet, delicious food with unhealthy cholesterol, that isn’t the case with royal jelly. In fact, research has shown that consistently adding it to your diet can cause a notable drop in your “bad” cholesterol levels, thereby helping you prevent atherosclerosis and cardiovascular issues like heart attacks and strokes.

3.Prevents Cancer

There are a number of antioxidants found in royal jelly, but specifically, it shows an ability to inhibit bisphenol A, also known as BPA. This is an environmental estrogen, which has been linked to increased levels of breast cancer. Therefore, by adding enough royal jelly to your diet, you can prevent this type of cancer.

4.Reduces Inflammation

The impressive vitamins and active enzymes in royal jelly make it a potential anti-inflammatory agent.  However, excessive heat will undo the enzymatic properties, so royal jelly cannot be ingested for those benefits. Therefore, you can topically apply it to affected areas of the body to relieve the pain of inflammation.

5.Prevents Premature Aging

Just as royal jelly helps to extend the queen’s lifespan significantly, the antioxidants found in royal jelly can also work to eliminate the free radicals that normally cause premature aging. Antioxidants can eliminate wrinkles, maintain a healthy shine to your skin, prevent hair loss, and avoid macular degeneration, while also extending your life by preventing certain chronic diseases. 

6.Weight Loss

Lecithin is one of the components in royal jelly, which can effectively lower cholesterol, improve liver function, and promote healthy digestion. All of these things can help in weight loss. When combined with the improved metabolism that is caused by royal jelly and the protein content of this nutrient supplement, it can work as a definite weight loss booster!