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Product Description:

Lupulin is the glandular powder separated from the strobiles of the Humulus lupulus (hops) plant. It has sedative effects on the body and mind and stimulates sleep. This powder is separated by beating or rubbing the strobiles of hops, and then sifting them. The sifting is necessary to remove the broken bracts and other vegetable parts. About 10 percent of lupulin is thus obtained from the dried hops.

The powder is bright brownish-yellow and becomes resinous. Lupulin has the odour and common taste of hop.



Lupulin has the same sedative effects as hop, but due to the sifting it is stronger.

Gives a mild high with relaxing qualities. Works well as a relaxation for the nerves and provides a better sleep.

The powder is used in a medical manner for delirium tremens, wakefulness, anxiety and exhaustion. It allays irritation and promotes sleep.

It is a sedative belonging to the same category as valerian, skullcap and passion flower.