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Kansui Root Extract
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Kansui Root Extract  

What is Kansui Root?

Euphorbia root, Radix Kansui, and radix Euphorbiae Kansui, medicinally it refers to the dried roots of Euphorbia kansui T.N.Liou ex T.P.Wang, one of plant that belongs to family Euphorbiaceae. It is usually harvested before the flowering in spring or after the wilting of stems and leaves in autumn. And then it needs to remove skin, dry in the sun. And usually it is used raw or processed with rice vinegar. This herb is mainly distributed in mainland China, including Gansu, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan and other places. Habitats include low hills, slopes, sand, edge of paddy field, roadsides, etc. Today this wild plant is domesticated and most of the commercial items are mainly from cultivation.


Uses of Kansui Root Extract:

1.For edema and ascites, constipation and difficulty in micturition caused by excess of Yang, the herb is often used in combination with knoxia root ,rhubarb and areca seed to bring about serious diarrhea.

2.For furuncles and carbuncles, powder of kansui root is used externally on affected part or by oral application for clearing heat and detoxication.


Applications :

Health care products


Raw materials of pharmaceutical

Functional foods