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Peach kernel Solid Drink
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Peach kernel Solid Drink


What is a Peach Kernel?

After a ripe peach is picked, the fruit stone is taken out and broken to get the kernel, which is then dried in the sunlight. The kernel is broken up before using, though it should not be broken into small pieces until it is to be used.


What are the health benefits of Peach Kernel?

Peach kernel is an important herb used for menstrual pain and disorders, traumatic injury with bruising and pain, abdominal pain, and abdominal masses. It is often combined with safflower in herbal formulations for painful menstruation. Peach kernel is rich in oils that lubricate and relax the bowels, and for this reason it is also used to treat constipation due to dryness in the intestines.


Peach kernel is commonly utilized in facial massage oils. Easily absorbed by the skin, the essential oil has a faint aroma making it almost odorless. Rich in texture, the oil is generally light yellow in color and leaves minimal residue on the skin when applied. Primarily employed for sensitive and mature skin types, there are many benefits associated with the use of peach kernel.


Peach kernel contains beneficial A, B, and E vitamins. The antioxidant and therapeutic properties of vitamin E make the kernel especially suitable for treating skin conditions and promoting overall skin health. Antioxidants contained in peach kernel make it beneficial for combating the adverse effects of environmental pollutants in the skin. Peach kernel is especially valuable for individuals prone to experiencing the inflammation and irritation associated with sensitive skin.