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Royal jelly freeze-dried powder(10-HDA≥6%)
Product details

Royal jelly freeze-dried powder(10-HDA6%


Royal jelly is difficult to be preserved at room temperature, and it is very easy to be destroyed by the action of air, sunlight and water, thus affecting its efficacy. Scientists have found that the problem can be solved by treating royal jelly with a vacuum freeze-drying process that removes most of the water and turns it into a crystalline powder. The product of this treatment is Royal Jelly Freeze Dried Powder.

Royal Jelly Freeze Dried Powder is separated from royal jelly by sublimation of water in the royal jelly under low temperature and vacuum conditions. The lost water royal jelly is crushed and made into dry powder. Its activity is stable, its quality will not change after three years, and it is easy to store and transport.


Product Description:

1. Royal Jelly Freeze-dried powder has function of lower blood fat and prevent arteriosclerosis;

2. The Freeze-dried powder can lower blood sugar and enhance emory;

3. It can improve intelligence;

4. The function of the promotion of hematopoietic function;

5. It can regulation of the endocrine and metabolic;

6. It is anti-aging, anti-radiation and can promot tissue regeneration;

7. Royal Jelly can improve immunity, anti-influenza and anti-hepatitis;

8. It has effect on beautifying&moisturizing skin;                                  

9. The freeze-dried powder has the prevention of cancer and other physiological functions.